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Website Template Quests 🕸️

We'd love to make your templates available on Unstoppable Domains' website builder. A common question we get from owners of domains is how they can make decentralized websites and resolve these sites with their domains. While we have built templates, there is a lot of room for improvement.


  1. Build your IPFS template.
  2. Include the template requirements below.
  3. Fork the UD Template repository and add your templates into the templates/community sub-directory.
  4. Submit a pull request with your update. DM us on Twitter to let us know the PR has been sent. We will setup a code review and confirm that everything is working correctly.
  5. The quest is completed when the PR is merged into the git repository!

Website Template Requirements

  • Add comments to whatever text, styles, or images that should be customized.
  • Make sure all relevant css & font files are included. Sites should be fully decentralized and not rely on any APIs for styles.
  • Do not use any trademarked or copyrighted assets without permission. If you want to use it, you have to ensure that you have the legal right to do so. If applicable add a footer with any necessary accreditation.
  • You are encouraged to add an author signature to the footer of your template.

Unstoppable Domains Templates

In the templates/unstoppable-domains directory you will find all of the templates available on the Unstoppable Domains website builder feature. In the index.htmlfiles for each template directory you will find comments pointing to the items we use for updating in the website builder.

  • The inline CSS styles are the options available to update in the website builder
  • SVG Icons are inlined so that colors can be updated

IPFS Community Templates

Author Template Available In Builder (y/n)
@aranhaagency Stellar n
@aranhaagency Stellar Simple n
@zzzaim Personal Minimalist y
@caseykey IPFS Music Player n
@inspireme6 Simple Portfolio y
@dsgriffin 4 Sale y
@verymanley Ambitious (opacity) n (pending)
@iguessitsokay Elipsis Portfolio n (pending)

Additional Resources

See our IPFS Websites guides for information on Building a D-Website, Connecting an IPFS Site to Your Domain and Resolving D-Websites in a Browser.